Using Intuitive Composition, Field Recordings, Turntables, Tape, and Samplers, I Have Been Exploring My Enjoyment Of Detail, Simplicity, And Emotive Responses To Places And Situations Through Sound, For at least Three Decades
Was Introduced To Sound In 1983. The Second Wave Of Hip-Hop Culture took hold in Europe. Quickly I Became Fascinated With the idea of sampling, and Cut & Paste Techniques. initially producing instrumentals using ‘pause tape’ techniques, Along With A Healthy Appetite For hunting unique sound sources on Vinyl. I Flourished As A Turntable Musician, samplesmith, dj, record label owner, and archivist. Recording And Touring Extensively Under a few Pseudonyms, and also playing prepared turntables In various Groups, usually improvisational. MAINLY THROUGHOUT Europe
I Returned Home To belfast My Place Of Birth in 2015. after decades away, spent in San Francisco, Seattle, Dublin, then Berlin. Concentrating Solely On pure Sound, Field Recording, phonography, And The Development Of Improvisational Techniques in sound production, and design since 1999
Sonic Art, Performance, plays, and Installations. so many great Collaborations, And Occasionally I Get To edit, and produce Documentaries For Radio. Been Fortunate Enough To Have Had Various Works published Exploring The Broad Ideas Surrounding: Turntables As An Instrument, Sampling, Field Recording, The Relationship With Our Environment, And Electroacoustic Improvisation As A Primary Part Of Sound, And Sound Art. With A Number Of Works already released, and set to be published this year, On Vinyl, Cassette, C.D & Online. thanks to all the brilliant people, and labels i have collaborated with.
full list of Published works, concerts & events here